The Big Golden Guitar

About The Big Golden Guitar

The Big Golden Guitar, a symbol of the rich Australian country music tradition, was inaugurated on January 25, 1988, by the legendary Slim Dusty and Mr Paul Crombie, the then-General Manager of Tourism NSW. This replica, made of fibreglass over a steel frame, is an exact copy of the Golden Guitar Award presented to distinguished artists at the annual Country Music Awards of Australia, held during the Tamworth Country Music Festival. The iconic monument stands tall, a popular attraction for music enthusiasts and tourists alike. Though it may confuse a few, the absence of strings on the Big Golden Guitar is no oversight but a nod to its roots as a tribute to country music’s most distinguished honours.

Australia is a country renowned for its unique and quirky attractions, and one of the most impressive of these is undoubtedly the Big Golden Guitar. Standing tall in Tamworth, New South Wales, this monument symbolises national pride and is a must-see point of interest for tourists and locals alike. Notably, it is a significant draw during the Tamworth Country Music Festival, attracting music enthusiasts from far and wide. The Big Golden Guitar is an awe-inspiring sight, and the opportunity to see it up close is not to be missed. Whether you’re exploring New England or simply passing through, make sure to pay a visit to this impressive Australian icon.

The Big Golden Guitar

What to do at The Big Golden Guitar

Looking for a unique and entertaining stop on your travels through Tamworth? Look no further than the Big Golden Guitar! Located as part of the Tamworth Visitor Information Centre complex, this iconic Australian landmark is a family-friendly complex with a souvenir shop, National Guitar Museum, Country Music Wax Museum, and Golden Guitar Café. With easy parking options available for all types of vehicles, including caravans, RVs, and bus tours, this stop on the road is a must-see for visitors to the area. And the best part? The Big Golden Guitar is open daily, providing a fun and engaging activity for travellers at any hour. Plan your visit today!

The annual award ceremony for country music is a highly anticipated event where artists and musicians are recognized for their achievements and contributions to the genre. Among the prestigious awards given out are miniature Golden Guitars, each symbolizing the hard work and dedication of the recipient. The event occurs at the Tamworth Visitor Information Centre, part of the Big Golden Guitar Tourist Centre. Since its opening, an estimated 3.6 million photographs have been taken of the site, attesting to its popularity and significance in the music world. Recently, the Council has set its sights on increasing visitor numbers by establishing a National Guitar Museum and a cafe for tourists. These long-term plans promise to further elevate the site’s status as a landmark in the world of music.

The Big Golden Guitar

One local company in Tamworth that is involved in this tourist attraction site is:

Website: Concreters Tamworth

Address: 3 Byrnes Ave, Tamworth NSW 2340

Phone: (02) 5743 2717

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