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About Tamworth Regional Gallery

Tamworth Regional Gallery is a significant attraction for anyone living in or visiting Tamworth. Established in 1919, this gallery boasts of being one of the oldest regional galleries in the New South Wales region. A large modern facility purposefully built in 2004, the gallery is home to a sizeable collection of works that originated with a gift of 100 paintings and works from the artist John Salvana. This collection was expanded in 1961 with the Burdekin collection, a substantial assortment of 19th and early 20th-century Australian and European works. Any art enthusiast will appreciate this gallery and the pieces it contains, from its rich history to its modern, purpose-built facility.

The collection of the Tamworth Regional Gallery has a wide range of historically and culturally significant exhibits. Of particular note is the Regan Silverware Collection. Donated by the Lyttleton Taylor family in 1963, the collection comprises early Australian silverware, a rare find. Additionally, the Utopia Collection Bequest is an exceptional collection. It includes works on paper and silk batiks, paintings and drawings of the Australian landscape from regional and national artists. Finally, the Tamworth Fibre Textile Collection includes works from some of Australia’s most innovative and acclaimed fibre textile artists and regional artists and craftspeople. The collection exemplifies the changes in fibre textile practice over the past four decades and is nationally significant as a result. All three collections are worth visiting Tamworth Regional Gallery and will surely delight and inform visitors.

Tamworth Regional Gallery

What to do at Tamworth Regional Gallery

The Gallery is excited to welcome groups of all kinds to explore its stunning exhibitions and participate in its many educational programs. Whether you are a school group, a community organisation, or a family looking for a unique outing, we strive to make your visit an enriching and unforgettable experience. To make the most of your visit, we encourage you to contact our Education Officer, who will work with you to tailor your visit to your group’s particular needs and interests. With a wide variety of public events, exhibition openings, artist talks, and workshops, there is always something new and exciting to discover at the Gallery. Additionally, we offer Behind-the-Scenes and Collection tours by appointment for those looking to delve more deeply into our collections. Best of all, our Gallery is fully accessible and offers plenty of free parking, making it an easy and convenient destination for all.

The Gallery’s exhibition program is a testament to the diverse and rich Australian art scene. The two main exhibition spaces continuously host a dynamic array of touring exhibitions of national significance, showcasing the work of leading artists from around the country. Curated exhibitions of regional artists provide a lens into the unique stylistic expressions of Australian regions, illuminating the variety of existing artistic approaches. The exhibitions also feature exquisite works from the Gallery’s permanent collections, giving visitors a deeper appreciation and understanding of the art forms. The Tamworth Textile Triennial, in particular, is an esteemed national event and the most influential exhibition on textile art in Australia. It has showcased current developments and innovations in this art form since 1975, drawing leading textile artists across the country. Not only does the program provide visitors with aesthetically stimulating experiences, but it also promotes Australian art and creative expression to the wider world.

Tamworth Regional Gallery

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